Dubai reopens its doors for Pakistan from the 1st of September. The first step towards a hassle-free journey is sure that your vaccinations are up-to-date. Those intending to travel to UAE need to possess the Corona vaccination certificate issued by Nadra. Moreover, the certificate has to be attested by the UAE embassy and interior ministry. Also, the COVID19 test is compulsory before travel.

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Get your Dubai Visa Hassle-free in Islamabad

Dubai is a country that is a dream destination for a lot of people out there. The modern lifestyle of Dubai is a shining example of the developed world. Visiting Dubai can be one of the most stunning vacations you will ever experience. It is big on business and big on leisure. It is an expat-friendly country with so much to offer you if you’re open for business. Thousands of people from Islamabad fly to Dubai every year for leisure or Business. In any case, you need a tour visit visa before flying to Dubai. Destination Hill assists clients in getting UAE/Dubai visa services from Islamabad, Pakistan. We help you choose when to get your Visa online before traveling. We assist you through the entire process- including guiding you through all the documentation needed.

The process to apply for Dubai Visit Visa

This is the process you need to follow when applying for a tourist visa

Mandatory Documents

  • Completed application form
  • Passport size colored photograph with White Background
  • Color copy of Passport
  • Valid passport with a minimum of six months validity at the time of travel
  • Confirmed Dubai Ticket

For Children

In addition to above mentioned necessary documents, you must also submit a birth certificate for your kid in English and Arabic. If the documents are translated, they must be attested from the front page.


Dependents are defined as spouses, children under 18, and parents above 60. You need to submit supporting documents that prove the status of a relationship, for example, a birth certificate and marriage certificate.

Under 18 Children

This is also for married females under 18

  • Photo ID of Parents or husband
  • Copy of tourist visa sponsored
  • Children under 18 must travel with their parents
  • Only machine-readable passports will be accepted

Submitting online visit Visa application

Documents need to be submitted in JPEG format only and must not exceed 1 MB.

UAE Embassy may ask for additional documents.

Important—COVID19 Updates

 Tourists traveling to Dubai need to carry these documents with them.

  • Health Certificate from NADRA: Travelers need to submit the Corona vaccination certificate. Besides, the certificate has to be attested by the UAE embassy and interior ministry before the travel.
  • Quarantine undertaking Form
  • Health Insurance certificate valid for the duration of Visa Validity 

These instructions can be changed without any prior notification as per UAE Authorities.

Why Destination Hill?

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Our services


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