After staying closed for four months, Dubai has resumed its travel and tourism sector. Initially, only domestic travel was allowed but now the city is welcoming foreign tourists as well. Dubai is a city known for its huge malls, restaurants, and luxurious hotels and resorts. Dubai travel and tourism sector is now opening doors with ‘welcome’ passport stickers and conducting corona-virus tests of the visitors.

Special precautionary measures have been taken to ensure the safety of the tourists. The number of cases in Dubai has reached 52,068 and corona is still exiting. To further control it, tourists have to present a negative corona test taken within four days. In case they do not have already tested them, their test will be conducted after arriving and till the results are declared negative they have to isolate themselves.

Dubai travel and tourism have been a favorite destination spot of millions of people around the world due to its diverse culture and glamorous lifestyle and Destination Hills double the fun. Last year there have been around 16.7 million tourists and this year the target was of having up to 20 million tourists. However, COVID 19 has largely affected the tourism industry.

Now that we can once again travel, Dubai travel and tourism is ready to welcome you with the same excitement as before while the Destination Hill make your trip most memorable. Also, Dubai is going to receive cruise travelers by October, with all the safety protocols for the Cruise industry. Other than this, the majority of the travel destinations will be opened for the tourists.

Here are the places that you must visit when you visit Dubai after pandemic:

The World

The major attraction for the number of tourists is The World or also known as the World Islands. It has 300 small artificial islands that together form the shape of a world map. There are private homes, luxurious resorts, estate homes, and such places in these islands. It has one of its kind of architecture and infrastructure, which makes it distinctive from anywhere in the world.

The Dubai Heritage Village

Dubai travel and tourism allow you to get a glimpse of the traditional Dubai at Dubai Heritage village, also known as the Hatta Village. There are mud houses, palm trees, rural settings in an oasis, and overall a complete traditional Dubai lifestyle that it was years ago. The charm of the place is extremely fascinating. It has mosques which were built around 200 years ago. The places of then governor, like his weapons room, resting area, and other personal places known as Al Barza or Al Hadeera are opened for tourists where they can have Arabic coffee along with dates. Destination Hills can help you pay a visit while guide you all along about the culture there.

The Ferrari World

One of the biggest theme parks in the world is the Ferrari World, which is a Ferrari themed amusement park. Though it is located in Abu Dhabi but Destination Hills can facilitate you reaching there. It is a must-visit place for adventure lovers of all ages. It takes the concept of gaming to the next level with Speed of Magic, The Racing Legends, fast Lane, and others. There are several other thrilling experiences for young as well as grown-ups. Kids can have their first driving lesson at Junior GT and then move on to Junior Grand Prix unlimited fun.

Ski Dubai

It is the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East which is ultimately one of the most favorite tourist destinations. Dubai travel and tourism are indeed popular for a reason. The wonderful wintry setting has 60,000 tonnes of snow with unlimited fun that you will experience here. Along with must-do activities of making a snowman and throwing snowballs at each other, Ski Dubai allows skiing, snowboarding, and much more. There are themed restaurants, an exceptionally beautiful gift shop. In short, the place has lots of surprises and excitement waiting for you. To make your booking there, Destination Hill is always there to guide and facilitate you.

Palm Island

You come to Dubai and you do not visit the Palm Islands? What’s your visit without it? Deira Islands, Palm Jebel Alia, and Palm Jumeirah are the three planned Palm Islands. These fascinating islands are man-made and an out of the box attraction that you can visit with Destination Hill. The perfect crafting of these islands make it hard to believe that these are man-made islands.

Dubai travel and tourism have much more for you than this. Dubai Festival City, Dubai Fountain, Dolphin Bay, and many other must-visit places after a short break from tourism. Destination Hill is all set to take you around and make the most of your travel experience in Dubai, like never before.